We always aim to deliver high-quality and durable solutions.

To ensure service quality, we process all available information, visit the site and, if necessary, propose suitable solutions for the façade in general as well as specific central solutions.

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Our façade insulation solution can be divided into two categories:

  • complex thermal insulation

with various finishing methods: plaster, clinker slabs, flat facing bricks, natural stone, etc.

  • ventilated façade systems

with a range of different coatings: wood, light natural stone (e.g. granite, sandstone), composite slabs, clinker slabs / brick, finished cement fiber board, etc.

Plastering and renovation

We plaster and renovate façades with multi-layered plaster systems that are compatible with different surfaces in terms of building physics and result in a beautiful and durable façade that will last for years to come.


Our façade maintenance team performs all maintenance work. We mainly handle façades soiled with biological contamination (algae, moss, mold, etc) Maintenance work includes an eco-friendly wash, painting to ensure a fade-resistant and durable finishing, plaster repairs and application of a new final coat of plaster.

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The warranty is defined as security. Both terms are also used in legal texts.
Quality refers to the total sum of properties (incl. the stability) of a product, work, etc., which indicate rate of compliance with the purpose thereof.

We provide a twofold warranty for our work:
In a tangible sense, we issue a warranty for the quality of our work with an insurance contract entered into with an insurance undertaking. The contract shall include insurance for the work for the duration of the warranty period as well as property insurance and liability insurance.
In a fundamental sense, we also ensure quality on a human level. We put all our knowledge and skill into the work we do and take responsibility for the final result with all our conscience – we want clients to be pleased with the result we provide.

However, we adhere to the principle of reason and rationality when it comes to ensuring quality. This means that the warranty does not cover, for example:

  • moisture, fading, contamination and degradation damage to the final coat caused by extreme sun, weather conditions and other environmental effects
  • façade degradation caused by mechanical stress
  • defects caused by problematic solutions that arise because the client refused to use the specific solution proposed by Deckol Nord

The warranty is handled differently for each site depending on its type, the work ordered and the materials used. Specific agreements shall be entered into with the contract for services.