Deckol Nord specialises in façade work by offering expert services for people and companies.

  • We always focus on delivering a high-quality result.
  • We have excellent expertise and practical skills.
  • Our work is as eco-friendly as possible.

We are a construction company that is based on Estonian capital and specialises on façade work. Deckol Nord started operating as a legal entity in 2012, but we have been active as a separate department under Deckol OÜ since 2002.

Why us?

Well-informed product selection, world-class knowledge of possible solutions and a well-performing team are key to getting good quality results.

Any decision to insulate a house or renovate a façade is usually a big investment. Planning, materials selection and work quality will determine how long the façade will last and how good it will look, i.e. how big the return is on that initial investment.

We aim to provide a durable solution, and for this reason we always consider the object as a whole. We focus on the façade, fillers, roof and balconies as well as a number of other elements in direct contact with the façade.

This means our service always includes:

  • analysis of solutions provided with the building design documentation and the development of new central solutions if necessary
  • consultation with regard to materials – the best materials in terms of the building physics and required thermal insulation thickness and durable finishing materials

Our renovation service always includes the following:

  • site inspection – we take a closer look at the composition and condition of existing finishing
  • analysis of problematic areas and determination of the causes of such problems
  • preparation of a renovation solution based on the information gathered

Our employees

Our employees have accumulated façade-related knowledge since 1998. We have acquired knowledge from numerous training courses on façade work and materials. By putting that knowledge to work we are able to provide our clients with solutions tailored to their needs.

We don’t just keep our knowledge to ourselves – we are happy to share it with others. Our employees have trained main contractors and architects as well as taught at construction schools, where we have recruited hard-working graduates. Our employees helped develop the Estonian professional standard and curriculum for construction finishers.

Deckol Nord also acts as a member of the Management Board of the Association of Estonian Construction Finishers and is on its work group for plasterers.

Jaan Vikat

Experience with façade work and materials:

1998-2000 project manager at Viapak OÜ (presently known as Espak Ehitustööd)
Specialisation on façade work, first sites and experience.

2000-2003 sales manager at the Estonian branch of SIA Caparol Baltica
Construction chemicals (incl. façade materials), sales, training courses and consultations.

2003-2012 head of branch at the Estonian branch of SIA Caparol Baltica
Branch management. Area-specific training courses and consultations. Completed a number of training courses in Germany during his time in Caparol, acquiring knowledge on construction chemicals and building physics.

As of 2012, Management Board member and executive manager at Deckol Nord OÜ

Marek Pragi

Experience with façade work:

As of 2019, Site Manager in the Estonian Department at Deckol Nord OÜ

Marek has extensive roofing experience and worked as a Site Manager from 2016 to 2018. He is dutiful, precise and eager to learn. He feels motivated by his day-to-day work on site and the support of the team to further develop and become a leading specialist in the field.

Silver Kundel

Experience with façade work:

2014-2018 lead worker for the Finnish Department in Finland at Deckol Nord OÜ

As of 2018 in Deckol Nord OÜ, Site Manager in the Finnish Department

Helina Uibo

As of 2015, Accountant and HR Manager at Deckol Nord OÜ